so it goes

Sunlight pouring across your skin, your shadow
flat on the wall.
The dawn was breaking the bones of your heart like twigs.

You had not expected this,
the bedroom gone white, the astronomical light
pummeling you in a stream of fists.
You raised your hand to your face as if

to hide it, the pink fingers gone gold as the light
streamed straight to the bone,
as if you were the small room closed in glass
with every speck of dust illuminated.

The light is no mystery,
the mystery is that there is something to keep the light
from passing through.

by Visible World, Richard Siken (via poetryelectric)

Gordon Parks - Boy with June Bug (1963)


Gordon Parks - Boy with June Bug (1963)


Matthew Snowden, Ynysoedd-y-Ffrydian, Anglesey.


Matthew Snowden, Ynysoedd-y-Ffrydian, Anglesey.

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if you ever wanna know how it felt when ya left –
if ya ever wanna come inside –

just knock on the spot 
where I finally pressed STOP

playing musical chairs with your exit signs.

by Buddy Wakefield (via queerwig)

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Louise Bourgeois & Tracey Emin - Do Not Abandon Me


Louise Bourgeois & Tracey Emin - Do Not Abandon Me

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El Barrio Bodega (series), 2013, embroidered plastic bags. Nicoletta Daríta de la Brown.

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A Primer for the Small Weird Loves


A Primer for the Small Weird Loves

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Anatoly Zenkov is an art director, designer and interactive programmer from MoscowRussia. He creates this ephemeral spaces by manipulating landscapes images and the effect is beautiful and astonishing.

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Wow. I love this conceptual artwork by Sara Nuytemans called Observatory of the Self 2.1. This piece is set up like a planetarium, where the spectator is represented as the sun at the centre, with the planets and moons turning around while reflecting ‘the sun’, the self. It is made up of 11 reflective surfaces in a stainless construction with gears and an electric motor for mobility, creating a kaleidoscopic view of the person wearing it and the environment around them.

See the piece in motion here:

Observatory of the Self 2.1 from Sara Nuytemans.

This piece is part of an on-going project for Nuytemans since 2010 called Observatories of the Self. The series are of spaces or installations that help you become aware of a feeling, or an essence. More of the works can be found here.





In the late 1960’s, photographer Arthur Tress began a series of photographs that were inspired by the dreams of children. Tress had each child he approached tell him about a prominent dream of theirs which Tress would then artistically re-create and photograph with the child as the main subject. 


Most excellent.

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Shirin Neshat with Sussan DeyhimLogic of the Birds2001


Shirin Neshat with Sussan Deyhim
Logic of the Birds

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It’s so hard to forget pain, but it’s even harder to remember sweetness. We have no scar to show for happiness. We learn so little from peace. by Chuck Palahniuk, Diary (via paintdeath)

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